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Maldives Eco Surfing Chronicle

Moolar makes the analogy of his paths traversed to the juxtaposition of The Force and The Darkside from the classic movie, Star Wars.

However, his favorite film is Blade Runner. When he was a young boy, he enjoyed reading the adventurous tales of Tarzan and other Edgar Rice Burroughs books. Two Herman Hesse books that influenced him in his teens were Narcissus and Goldmund and Steppenwolf. His life’s journey unfolded by diving headfirst and unabashedly into the exploration of both the internal and external pleasures and pains of existence.

Studio With A View
Thirumoolar Devar, aka “Moolar” or simply, “Moo,” was born in Manhattan, New York City. He grew up in a Tamil founded, yet multi-ethnic Kundalini yoga ashram. He learned about world religions and spirituality while traveling around the United States until age 15 when he became an independent.